You continue to evolve, apply new knowledge and respond to a changing and challenging environment. You also expect this from your systems: laboratories, process systems and filling machines have to ensure your practical future-proofness. We flexibly meet your requirements and develop sustainable solutions – ensuring that they are versatile and functionally adaptable.

Protection and efficiency


Fume hoods guarantee protection for people who work in laboratories. The release of substances harmful to health into the space has to be prevented, the fume hood acts as a safe barrier between humans and experimental set-ups. We have always been driving and innovating these standards: Our fume hoods offer a maximum of safety and efficiency - thanks to Secuflow technology the air flow rate of the fume hoods is optimised, saving up to 33 % energy.

Two woman standing in a laboratory
Laboratory furniture

Flexible and cost effective


Waldner labs are whatever you make of it. Benches, sinks, sliding elements, storage hoods, special cabinets, service modules or supply and waste disposal of chemicals: our modular concept lets you create countless design versions – leaving functional latitude for unlimited possibilities. Whatever you need – you define the individual parameters. And despite its individuality, our systems usually work surprisingly pragmatically, quickly and cost-effectively. And they make spaces wonderfully adaptable – for other people, other purposes or your new objectives.

Filling and sealing machines

Filling and packaging systems with maximum accuracy and reliability

All consistencies, all sizes, a broad-based performance range: we develop and produce filling and sealing machine to meet your individual applications. State-of-the-art technology and uncompromising quality for dairy and meat processing, beverages and delicatessen products, pet food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Man working at a machine
Man working at a machine

Process systems

Extreme operating conditions require robustness and individual fine tuning

Your system’s individual requirements will be our benchmark. Whether you need a single machine or complete systems: Our process systems are unique and 100 % designed to fullfill your needs. With our many years of project experience, test-verified production processes and specific knowledge we provide you with the best solution available - on durable materials, resistant special alloys, exacting hygiene standards and applicable standards.


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