07.04.2021 | Techpark Bolzano - Laboratories for changing research work 

In the NOI Techpark in Bolzano, Waldner planned and equipped over 40 laboratories. Safety and energy efficiency were important aspects when equipping the laboratories. 

Techpark Bolzano - Laboratories for changing research work

In the north of Italy lies a unique breeding ground for a new research landscape - the NOI ("Nature Of Innovation") Techpark in Bolzano, South Tyrol. Here, private companies, research institutions and the university are networked to create new products and services. From improving energy efficiency and better living to sustainable food and automation of everyday processes - approx. 700 researchers, economists, start-up companies, students, experts and other bright minds are working on all this here every day. Around 40 laboratories on an area of 1500 square metres spread over three floors are available to them for this purpose - all from Waldner.

Safety and energy efficiency were important aspects when equipping the laboratories. On the one hand, different climate phenomena are simulated, which are to be evaluated reliably and locally. On the other hand, scientists are researching the effects of humans on the earth's ecosystem. This means, therefore, that the equipment in the buildings should also be designed to be as environmentally friendly, energy-saving and efficient as possible. That is why all the fume cupboards at the Techpark are equipped with the energy-saving Secuflow technology, for example.

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