18.11.2021 | LSI Singapore - a place for science

Life science incubators (LSIs) are important nuclei and are springing up wherever science and research are to be taken to a more creative level. The German Center in Singapore now also has its own LSI, where startups can rent state-of-the-art laboratory space to turn their ideas into reality.

LSIs are shaping the future by providing startups with an environment in which they can realize their ideas and tap into networks. At LSI Singapore, six international startups are now researching biotech and foodtech topics, such as alternative proteins. The state-of-the-art co-working lab - fully equipped to ensure creativity knows no bounds - at the heart of Singapore's Life Science Hub is well connected with international partners in science and research.

The world is increasingly realizing the importance of life science work in improving or even saving human life. LSI Singapore not only provides important start-up support, but also makes a significant contribution to advancing and networking promising life science research.


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