20.04.2021 | Demand for fast and flexible laboratories at an all-time high

Today, testing and analysis capabilities are needed to be provided within the shortest possible time. The solution: container laboratories. Waldner supplies these mobile laboratory solutions, which are being well received on the market.

The mobile laboratory solution is a 20-foot container, which is equipped with laboratory equipment, delivered, and put into operation. Whether customers require individual coronavirus test containers or a multi-million-euro container project for research laboratories – the laboratories are operational within a very short time and work can start.

On a current project, Waldner created an entire container village with over 200 m² of laboratory space: 16 containers were installed, connected up and equipped with laboratory equipment. This project took only three months from initial contact to commissioning of the laboratories.

Jochen Früh, CEO of Waldner Laboreinrichtungen, explains: “Our mobile laboratory solutions provide the answer to current market demand. We are proud of being able to support research during this important phase for humanity.”



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